Project 32 - Ecu & Loom install.

Well.. The fun begins!, We have picked up a premade hotrod loom and have decided to start running this around the car and mounting it. 


Started to use the factory cable harness that was around the bottom of the window and ran up a new bunch to the boot, 

Everything was nice and clean, Tucked away and able to be identified and troubleshooted at a later date, Things are looking up, 

The ECU was now attached to the new loom, and able to be signaled to be turned on.

Whilst we were working on this the Coil pack & Ignition loom was starting to take shape. 


Project 32 - ECU install.. part 3

Now that we have no wiring in the car we could begin with doing the install of the ECU into the car, 

We decided to pickup a Microtech X6 igniter pack whilst we were in the process to run our coil side instead of the ECU, 

We started wiring the Link in and had some fun!


The Ignitor pack wasnt far behind!



now that those are all in we followed this up by installing 3 relays and mounted them beside the kick panel on the passengers side, This covered off Ignition, Fuel and the Radiator fans. 


Project 32 - ECU install.. part 2

Near the end of part 1  we approached a cross road... As it was an older car we were experiencing more and more issues that were inherent with age.. Lights randomly not working, Horn being difficult.... 

We decided to bite the bullet and vote for a full car re-wire... 

 The Rats nest... 

The Rats nest... 

We started pulling the dash out and then started removing the loom from the vehicle.... by the end of the day the drivers footwell... looked like something out of a horror movie.. 


The floor of the shop didnt look any better either.... 


There is no turning back now.. We removed the entire loom from the front of the car to the back... It's official.... It now has no factory wiring.... None at all infact!

Project 32 - ECU Install.. part 1

We ripped off the Intake manifold and started de-looming the car, .... 


We ran all the Knock Sensors, CAS, Coils etc etc around the engine bay... It started to look like we were going backwards in this build more things were coming off than they were going on... Tip for new players... Ensure the wires you are using are either labeled or you label them yourself... You will eventually start going crazy.. when you come accross the same blue wire four times


Project 32 - ECU Thoughts...

Now that the car is back from the painters the real work begins.

We have the car painted, Motor mocked and and running in a real rough phase just to be able to move it around.... Screw pushing it!

We started thinking what do we really want to do with the car?, How much control do we want over it all etc.

We decided to purchase a Link G4+ Fury from our friends over at the NZEFI Shop!

Link G4+ Fury, A & B Looms, Wideband O2, Map Sensor, Boost Solenoid and a new CAS Disk.



Project 32 - Motor Mocking

As we were prepping the car to be shipped off to the painters the new motor has arrived...

We picked up a 70,000Km Series 2 RB25DET (Standard as they come), 

We Decided to start test fitting this ensuring all engine mounts etc are flush and straight. 


Looking good!, After a hour of messing about ensuring the motor is level and will align with the body correctly We now have the motor mocked in place (Ignore the wood there is no gearbox holding the motor up :P)

We start test fitting and fixing the Intercooler 

Fast forward a few hours we now have managed to get the battery,radiator, intercooler and all the wiring connected in a half assed method just to get the car running to be driven to the painters. 


Project 32 - Turbo... i am again posting about another problem.... You guessed it ... Somethings not right with our turbo.... 

Casually driving around we were hopping onto the motor way to head on home and..... IT's back to its original ways... lack of power.. but this time.. we have a nice big blue cloud behind us.... and oil pressure lights... hmm....

Managed to trailer the car back to the office.. and well.. Yup ... we seem to have a blown turbo... Oil is all through the exhaust...

 Off comes the Factory RB20DET Turbo!

Off comes the Factory RB20DET Turbo!

We Whip off the Turbo and start to inspect the damage... 


We seem to be leaking the oil through here.... For those who are familiar with turbos... this aint a good sign.. 

Well.. Another Factory Turbo back on !! and away it goes!

Project 32 - Paint Prep!

A While had passed and the car has been living a sheltered life..... We were contemplating what to do and thought... Why not paint the car! its easy and fun right!!!!!!!!!!.... not....

We sanded the car back and removed the engine... 


After a hearty weekend we pulled her onto the trailer and put her away in the garage. 


Project 32 - Cage Time!

Albeit the car has been sitting for quite a while in the shed and neglected.... got busy with work and life... but decided to pull her out and do some work.. 

A Half Cage was on the books.. Why not eh?... So we Start stripping the car... Fun times... 


A Friend of ours at Shores NZ Motorsports Was up for the job (Good on ya Tim!), We settles on a half cage with a support bar from top to bottom. 


Project 32 - Clutch issues...

It sounds like all i do is post issue after issue at the moment..... but here we are again with another inherited problem....... We have been battling a clutch issue for a while... troubleshooting why the fluid keeps getting contaminated.... After some hard work ...We found it!


The Visible Scaring on the Piston on the master Cylinder!, So.... We knew someone had done an Auto -> Manual Conversion... but found remnants of their Shortcuts.... and lack of knowledge... 

What the above pictures illustrate is that the Clutch master Cylinder & Pedal box have not been aligned right, So when the clutch is depressed its pressing the pinion on a 45 into the master Cylinder causing excess wear... and ... filings being deposited into the Fluid... Behold!!! Shortcuts will rear their ugly heads eventually...

Picked up a new Master Cylinder... and Re-aligned the clutch and we are good!

Project 32 - Suspension Rework

Well... It finally reared its ugly head... After 20 years of the previous owner's abuse... the Front suspensions finally started leaking... 

Fun times!... After a discussion about whether we rebuild & re gas... to keep this car looking as close to standard as possible... 

The Choice was made! a set of coilovers will be purchased... BC Gold's were the choice at the time due to the D2's being known to leak. 


Wound it down a tad to get more of a non Monster Truck look.. (Cmon.. You know you would....)


Project 32 - Two Tone!

After the acquisition of the car it was deemed that those purple stripes had to go....  We Decided to try and be a bit yup you guessed it two toning the car with a blue pearling throughout! (At the time this did seem like a great idea...)

After a solid day of prep work and a bit of panel work to remove those dints (Darn people with their doors & shopping trolleys!! grr....)


It came out quite well for a 3 day turn around including letting the poor thing bake :D..


Project 32 - The Beginnings


Where do we begin?.... It all started out at as a little RB20DET that could... We picked this up for about 7k running on 5 cylinders and struggling to pull the skin off a rice pudding, Factory Silver with the Awesome purple Stripe up the side... 

We Purchased a 32 Inter-cooler kit and installed that as the first upgrade due to the factory Sidemount causing issues.. - Unfortunately there isn't any pictures of this.